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About Us

BATTLE GRIPZ were created to increase the functionality of a limiting battle rope grip. Battle ropes are great exercises that stimulates muscles, energy systems, and cardiovascular fitness at high and varying velocities.

However, the 1-2 standard grip options to the ropes is limiting and can become mundane. Once the same patterns are repeated over a period of time, the ropes loses its muscle stimulating effect.


Battle Gripz is like an adjustable knob on your ropes. Our 4 grip variations allows you to apply more power, speed, longevity, and intensity to the ropes.

The ability to manipulate these variables undoubtedly changes muscle engagement and stimuli, thus increasing the ropes effectiveness in your exercise regimen.

Power Grip
Slim Grip
Zero Grip


Go Longer, Go Faster And Comfortable


Battle Gripz also helps create smoother wave patterns for beginners and users with small hands. Our grips are designed for flexion and extensions at the wrists which is a more natural wrist mobility function.

This helps with the choppiness some beginners experience on the ropes and all DBG grip options fits all (even small) hand sizes in comparison to direct rope griping.

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